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"Budapest Bank for Budapest" Foundation

The "Budapest Bank for Budapest" Foundation, established in 1991 with founding capital of HUF 100 million, was created for the purpose of contributing to the development of Budapest, to preserve and enhance its intellectual and cultural values, and to improve the life of the city and its residents. In line with these principles, the foundation helps those actively working for the capital in the realization of their objectives.
Since 2004 the foundation has operated as a non-profit organization for the public benefit.

Every six months, the foundation's Board of Trustees announces the grants made available to private individuals and non-profit (civil) organizations active in protecting and preserving the capital's intellectual, cultural, scientific and educational life, its natural and built environment, and its monuments and cultural heritage sites, as well as to those working toward a healthier Budapest through the improvement of human services and creation of equal opportunities.
Grants are financed from yields gained on the investment of founding capital, as well as through financial donations.

The upper limit for a specific individual grant is HUF 500,000, and eligibility is not conditional on the ability to provide a self-contribution. Under rules also available on our website, non-refundable lump-sum grants are subject to accountability.

To ensure the most efficient implementation of the foundation's objectives, we have cooperated closely with the Municipality of Budapest from the very start. Thanks to our shared goals and the foundation's reputation, in 2003 four public utility companies in Budapest (Fővárosi Közterület Fenntartó Zrt., Budapesti Távhőszolgáltató Zrt., Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt., and Fővárosi Csatornázási Zrt.) joined the foundation's financial support system, contributing to the resources distributed among successful applicants.

Members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees:

  • president: Tarlós István, Mayor of Budapest
  • co-president: Mihály Ráday, art historian, cinematographer, director
  • Dr. József Finta, architect, professor emeritus, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • István Bánfalvi, executive director, Fraternite Rt.
  • Edit Malárik Pálcza, deputy CEO, Budapest Bank Zrt.
  • Dr. Ferenc Rolek, deputy CEO, Budapest Bank Zrt.
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